4 Surprising Ways to Stay Hydrated in Pregnancy

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Eight 8oz glasses of water a day” to stay hydrated. Seems simple enough, right? What that saying doesn’t address is what you should do when water just isn’t happening for you! With as many as a staggering 90% of women suffering from morning sickness and/or food aversions during pregnancy, staying hydrated can be harder than one might think- and the need for hydration still remains paramount. So what can you try when that plain glass of water is triggering the good ‘ol gag reflex once again?


1: Fruit Yourself

Believe it or not, fruits have a surprisingly high water content! Seasonal favorite watermelon boasts 90% water content, while year-round staple tomatoes (yes, it’s a fruit!) are an amazing 94% water. So grab a slice or dig into that Caprese salad you’ve been craving. It’s all helping you stay hydrated!

2: Go Green

Right up there with fruits, fresh vegetables are an amazing way to stay hydrated. Most people know that celery is a water-filled favorite (95% water!), but did you know that mushrooms clock in close behind at 92% water? Cucumbers top the list at 96% water, and go excellent with our next surprisingly hydrating food…

3: Stay Saucy

Now this tip isn’t strictly about sauces- we’re going to include some tasty dips and dressings too! Remember those cucumbers mentioned above? Prepare them in a traditional Greek style with a homemade Tzatziki sauce – the yogurt you’ll need is 89% water! Salads with dressing are an excellent way to up your water intake- most dressings are oil/water emulsions themselves, and the head of lettuce you’ll likely be pouring it over can contain as much water as a bottle of Evian. Hummus is another fridge staple that’s great for hydration- especially if you’re pairing it with fresh veggies instead of carb-heavy dippers. Hummus can contain 60-70% water, so grab some baby carrots and dig in!

4: Bring on Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know it can help hydrate you too? We’re not just talking about a big glass of OJ – eggs are an excellent way to stay hydrated. Egg whites are 90% water but don’t skip the yolks – they contain lots of healthy fats important for helping to build your baby’s brain too. Win win! Other breakfast staples like oatmeal, smoothies, and chia pudding also bring on the hydration without feeling like a chore, so treat yourself and eat what sounds good.


While adequate fluid consumption will always be key during pregnancy, help stack the odds in your favor whenever possible. And don’t forget your other options for nutritious fluids! Soups, smoothies, herbal teas, and yes, even ice cream, are all wonderful ways to help up your water intake without – actually – picking up a glass of water.

Pregnancy can be hard. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be!