A perfect day in Frederick, Maryland is just a short drive away! About an hour outside of Baltimore, Frederick is the perfect place to take a day trip. Here’s how we would spend a perfect day.


Start your day off with one of our Frederick-based birth or parenting classes. Our one-day classes begin at 9AM and are a perfect way to kick off your trip enjoying connection, fun, and education with one of our incredible instructors.


Next stop, take a quick stroll down by Carroll Creek. A beautiful waterway that meanders through downtown, you’ll enjoy the soothing sounds of water and a calm stroll past the park.


After your stroll, wander through one of the many shops downtown! We’ve already written about our top shops in Frederick, but we have a few great suggestions for this day specifically. 


Stop in at Dancing Bear and find a toy for your sweet baby or their older sibling! Pop over to Curious Iguana (owned by the same people!) and expand your little one’s library with a new book. Stop into The Urban Cottage for a beautiful piece of jewelry or new candle. End your shopping with Relish Decor for a new centerpiece or some new items to make prepping postpartum food a breeze.


Of course you’ll need dinner after your big day! We have a few spots. Stop into Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar for a slice of Spain. To experience local beef and a restaurant committed to the environment, check out The Wine Kitchen. Swing by South Mountain Creamery for a sweet treat to finish off your meal.


We can’t wait for you to enjoy a day of connecting with your partner in beautiful Frederick, Maryland! Don’t forget to register for one of our upcoming classes.

Looking for summer fun for Baltimore families?

We are so excited that summer is upon us! Baltimore is a hot spot for summer fun to do with your children.

See what we did there? ;-)

Doulas of Baltimore is here to share with you 5 great outdoor activities to do with the whole family. And we’ve got 5 great indoor suggestions to do on those days when you want to cool down. Here we go:


Poster for Summer Sounds concert series

1. Summer Sounds at the Square

Baltimore families love this concert series at Belvedere Square in north Baltimore City. Food, music, and lots of kid-friendly activities! There are four Friday evening concerts this summer – Mambo Combo on June 21, July 19, August 23, and September 13.


2. Flicks from the Hill

American Visionary Art Museum hosts “Flicks from the Hill” every Thursday night this July. This summer features old classics and new ones too – Field of Dreams, The Princess and the Frog, Young Frankenstein, and Raiders of the Lost Ark! There are food trucks and pre-film activities. Plus the museum is open to enjoy for free from 5-9pm on flick nights!


3. WTMD First Thursday Concerts

If it’s more live music you’re craving, head downtown to WTMD’s First Thursday Concert series! WTMD hosts live family friendly concerts on the first Thursday of the month at Canton Waterfront Park, all summer long. Bring a picnic and enjoy!


4. Waterfront Parks around the Inner Harbor

Downtown features several waterfront parks around the Inner Harbor. West Shore Park features a great law and “splash pad” for the kids to enjoy. There are free waterfront wellness classes, too!


zoo5. The Maryland Zoo 

You can never go wrong with a visit to the zoo. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is a delight! There is much to learn about the animals, the park, and the many ways the zoo participates in conservations efforts. This summer the Zoo is hosting a Summer Solstice Twilight Stroll – bring the whole family for an evening walk or bring your little ones for Toddler Mornings!


And if you or the kids have had enough of the Baltimore heat…head inside to these great locations!


6. The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum is a fun and educational place for the little ones! Rooms full of armor, mummies and Egyptian artifacts, and much more. Don’t miss the Chamber of Wonders – hours could be spent there alone!


7. National Aquarium

The aquarium is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day! It’s a bigger investment than many of our favorites. And so worth it if you can make a day of it! Pop in for a showing of Shark: A 4D Experience to meet some of the world’s strangest sharks up close. From the reefs of Australia, up to the beautifully updated upland rainforest, and down the dark ramp with sharks – let’s just say everyone will sleep well at the end of the day! 


8. Enoch Pratt Free Public Library

With locations across the city, in addition to the gorgeous downtown main branch, Baltimore’s free public libraries also offers special events including computer basics, chess, and parent/child reading groups. Join them for Summer Break Baltimore, a fun and free reading program to encourage literacy all summer long!

9. Maryland Science Center at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Great for a day trip (you can even head right over to the West Shore Park for some splashing when you’re done!). The Science Center also offers tons of fun summer programs! 


10. B&O Railroad Museum

Last but certainly not least with the preschool set – A historic museum that includes kid zones and train rides! Fun for everyone!

What do you recommend for summer fun for Baltimore families??

For more suggestions, check out our Baltimore Summer Bucket List from a few years ago!

There isn’t a handbook for pregnancy, birth, or parenthood and that can be overwhelming. If you’re finding yourself with notebooks or spreadsheets full of information to wade through, you’re not alone. We have access to an entire internet full of recommendations, be they current or outdated. Finding reasonable, science-backed answers can feel like an uphill battle and a lonely one at that. Are childbirth classes really necessary? Are newborn care classes worth it?Where can I find newborn classes and childbirth education in Baltimore?

That’s a call only you and your partner can make.

Childbirth Education

What is Childbirth Education?

Childbirth Education Classes are educational programs taught by experienced instructors well versed in the field of Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum. Childbirth Education curriculum varies and classes attended are generally chosen based on your preferences. Some focus heavily on a larger, trademarked curriculum such as Evidence Based Birth or Lamaze, while others are completely unique to the instructor such as Doulas of Baltimore’s signature Complete Childbirth Education Series.

Childbirth Education classes can be taught in person, online, in a group setting, or on an individual basis. There are many options and approaches, the bottom line is finding one that someone you trust teaches.


What should my class cover?

While there are many different types of curriculum, and the benefits of childbirth education still require more official study, it’s well known that access to education increases positive outcomes. When looking at classes, ensure yours covers these basic topics:

  • Decision making strategies to ensure you remain an active participant in your birth story
  • Tips for staying healthy and comfortable in late pregnancy
  • Physiology and the process of labor and birth
  • Common interventions and medication options
  • How to create and communicate your birth preferences
  • Hands-on coping, comfort and relaxation techniques 
  • Preparing for the postpartum experience


Whether you’re planning on going through childbirth without an epidural or are open to medication, understanding these key topics can help you create the birth and postpartum experience that will set you up for success.


Doulas of Baltimore is hosting our Spring session of our Complete Childbirth Series on Saturdays beginning April 6th, 2024 in Baltimore and our One Day Baby 101 workshop in Frederick. Our Complete Childbirth Series runs 4 weeks and covers 12 hours of science-backed education in an affirming and open environment. Our Baby 101 workshop is a one day intensive that gives new parents all the essential information they need. Learn more and register here!

Newborn Care Classes

What are Newborn Care Classes?

Newborn Care Classes are educational sessions for anyone who needs updated information on the care and keeping of newborn babies. Experienced teachers lead these classes who have taken professional training and work in the field. There are many different options for taking these classes including Hospital-based programs and more uniquely designed curriculum created by individuals. Ensure the source and how frequently the materials are updated are considered when searching for your classes. Safety standards for newborns and infants change regularly and ensuring you have the latest information ensures you’re able to keep your baby safe and those around your baby updated.

What should my class cover?

All Newborn Care classes should cover the basics of baby care such as feeding and diapering as well as:

  • Preparing your home and family for a newborn
  • Common baby gear and gadgets
  • Normal newborn characteristics
  • Hygiene including diapering, bathing, and dressing
  • Crying and newborn communication
  • Comfort and bonding techniques
  • Newborn sleep patterns and safe sleep
  • Feeding options and techniques
  • Hunger and satiation cues
  • Common feeding obstacles


Doulas of Baltimore has an opportunity for Newborn Care Education this Spring. Join us in Baltimore for our 4 Week Essential Newborn Care Series. This class runs 4 weeks and covers 12 hours of science-backed education in an affirming and open environment. Learn more and register here!


When considering the question, “What childbirth classes should I take?” consider who is teaching it, what the course covers, and if the curriculum is aligned with your birth wishes. If you’re searching for infant care classes for new parents we recommend ensuring that the course is based in science and has up-to-date information on safety and development for newborn babies. We recommend if you’re searching for Newborn classes and Childbirth Education in Baltimore or Frederick, consider Doulas of Baltimore!


We believe education is one of the most important things you can invest in. Above all when we educate ourselves we empower ourselves to make sound decisions, enter any situation with confidence, and create a great environment for a positive experience. Generally taking classes with your birth partner prior to giving birth can deeply connect you to one another creating a sense of safety and support.

Pinterest graphic about classes for new parents to take

This blog was last updated March 2024

It isn’t difficult these days to find a prenatal massage near you. What proves hard to find is providers that truly cater to pregnant clientele with their services. If you were a regular spa-goer pre-pregnancy, it can be disappointing to lose a routine for relaxation you’ve become accustomed to.

Not to mention, pregnancy often brings a host of discomforts and changes along with it.

The Prenatal Massage benefits extend far beyond days of relaxation. Through the art and science of touch, pregnant individuals can experience pain reduction and relief, mental relaxation, and tap into their parasympathetic nervous system via increase in Oxytocin in the body. By activating our “rest and digest” hormones, we can experience lowered levels of stress overall, which impacts every system of our bodies.

We did the heavy lifting for you and found some of the best options for locally owned pregnancy spa treatments in and around Baltimore. These local options offer a variety of Prenatal Massage techniques. We’re sure you’ll find one that matches your needs perfectly.

For the Holistic-Minded: Anhata Massage

Logo of Anahata Massage Therapy located in Baltimore, Maryland

Sanskrit for “heart”, Anhata Massage is owned by Joshua Gosnell. Offering a holistic approach, this massage will focus on more than just physical wellness, venturing into spiritual wellness as well to treat you as a whole person.

Instagram: @anahatamassagetherapy



For a Full Spectrum: Sweet Willow Massage

Logo for Sweet Willow Massage + Wellness

Sweet Willow offers services not only during pregnancy but preconception as well. Owner Jessie Bernstein-Newton additionally offers Infant Massage Classes for when your little one arrives! These classes can be incredibly beneficial for connecting with your baby and helping to relieve discomfort from things like gas after feedings.

Instagram: @sweetwillowmassage

For an Integrative Massage with Options: Metta Integrative Wellness Co-Op

Employee owned wellness co-op, Metta, in Baltimore, Maryland

An employee-owned cooperative, Metta offers a host of Integrative Health services including Prenatal Massage. Co-owner Molly Farwell creates an experience that can be adapted to all stages of pregnancy and all levels of comfort.

Instagram: @mettawellness



For Massage and Bodywork: Charm City Integrative Health

Logo for Charm City Integrative Health, a wellness business in Baltimore, Maryland

Charm City Integrative Health has been consistently voted Best in Baltimore by Expertise.com! Offering Prenatal Massage and Bodywork, they focus primarily on comfort for the expectant parent.

Instagram: @ccintegrative



For Massage with Optional Add-on Personal Care Services: Indu Wellness

Logo for Indu Wellness, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Indu Wellness places emphasis on treating the whole person as a part of a comprehensive approach to wellness. While you’ll find Prenatal Massage there, you might also add on your routine personal care services such as Facials, Waxing, or Acupuncture.

Instagram: @indu_wellness


Massage can be a key part of nurturing your wellbeing. With the right provider, incorporating this science-based approach to care during pregnancy is an easy choice.

Looking for referrals to other professionals? Check out our Growing Family Professionals resource page for vetted local individuals and businesses.

Safety Note: Wherever you have your prenatal spa day, be sure to check in with your provider about any treatments you plan to receive, inform your spa technician that you are pregnant and need accommodations, and speak up if something doesn’t feel right. You are the expert on your body and baby!

Welcome to our Year in Review2022 marked a return to more familiar circumstances for many families.

While we continue to practice infection reduction measures like masking, routine testing, increased air circulation, and the like, we at DOB are incredibly grateful to have been able to provide support to Baltimore families relatively uninterrupted during this last year. 

Throughout 2022, we supported 60 Baltimore families as they welcomed 60 babies (another year with no multiples!).

Childbirth Education & Parenting Workshops

DOB held 33 birth classes and parenting workshops. 15 in person group workshops at our beautiful studio space at the Cedarcroft Center, 16 virtual live interactive group workshops, and 2 private, in-home classes. 

In-home Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Support

The biggest shift from earlier pandemic-era years was in our ability to provide exceptional support to families in-home. Through 2022 our team of postpartum doulas and Newborn Care Specialists offered a whopping 2040 hours (and counting!) of in-home postpartum support. This means that our doulas spent the equivalent of 85 full days in client’s homes! 

Top Birth Locations for Doulas of Baltimore’s Clients

It was a busy year for our birth doulas, too! For the second year in a row, the main campus of Johns Hopkins maintained the top spot on the list of birth locations for DOB clients with 18 births. Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Mercy Medical Center tied for second place with 10 births each, and with 8 births, St. Joseph Medical Center was the third most popular. 

Our clients also chose to deliver at home as well as the following hospitals: Hopkins Bayview, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Carroll Hospital, Franklin Square Hospital, Harbor Hospital, Howard County General Hospital, Sinai, St. Agnes, University of MD, and Walter Reed.

Supporting Baltimore, Families, & a Better Future for All

Together with our doulas, DOB has supported (through time, donations, and/or amplification) the following local organizations: The Family Tree, MOMCares, Fluid Movement, and Maryland Families for Safe Birth. Additionally, we donate a percentage of every sale to carbon removal efforts.

We remain steadfastly committed to Baltimore and to helping growing families thrive – by supporting parents, building community, and protecting the future for our clients and all the children of Baltimore.