Big News! We’re excited to announce we’re expanding our classes into Frederick. Our signature educational series with the same committment to evidence-based curriculum will now be hosted at Indigo Physiotherapy.

Uplifting the local community that we serve is always a goal of ours so we’ve gathered 5 of our favorite spots from our two favorite Frederick residents on the team.

Join us on May 4th for our one day Birth Basics class and then head to one of our favorite spots and make a day of it!


Curious Iguana Bookstore


Monday & Tuesday 10AM–6PM

Wednesday – Sunday 10AM-8PM


Instagram: @curiousiguana

Address: 12 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Curious Iguana is an independent bookstore located in downtown Frederick. Since 2013 they have offered a wide array of books written by diverse authors for children and adults alike. In addition to being a mainstay gathering space, they’re also a benefit corporation, donating a portion of their sales to different non-profits. Enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere and pick up a new favorite read while you’re there!


Dancing Bear Toys


Sunday – Tuesday 10AM–6PM

Wednesday – Saturday 10AM-8PM


Instagram: @dbeartoys

Address: 15 East Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701

First opened in 2000, Dancing Bear Toys is owned and operated by the very same people who brought you Curious Iguana! A fiercely Frederick-loving space, Dancing Bear believes that fun, play, and giving back are important for all. Carrying a wide array of toys that help spark imagination and creativity, you’ll find everything from the latest slimes and fidget toys to retro and classic toys like stuffed animals and wooden blocks.


Food & Beverages

Frederick Coffee Co & Cafe


Monday – Sunday 6AM-6PM


Instagram: @FrederickCoffeeCo

Address: 100 N. East Street, Frederick, MD 21701

A part of Frederick since 1991, Frederick Coffee Co & Cafe moved into its current location, which was previously a southwestern furniture store, one year after they opened. Creating specialty coffee drinks like their Sweet Bee or Almond Joy as well as offering classics like a Chai Latte and a London Fog, coffee and tea lovers alike will easily find their favorites. In addition to a full drink menu, the Cafe also offers wraps, sandwiches, and soup combos!


Prospect Point Brewing


Monday – Wednesday Closed

Thursday 3PM-7PM

Friday 3PM-9PM

Saturday 12PM-9PM

Sunday 12PM-6PM


Instagram: @prospect_point_brewing

Address: 5500a Jefferson Pike, Frederick, MD 21703

Located on Carroll Farms, Prospect Point Brewing is just outside of Frederick. Offering outdoor seating, this family owned and operated brewery is child and pet friendly! Indoors, the taproom offers a view of the brewery’s operations alongside large windows for a bright and beautiful experience. Offering a draft list ranging from IPA to Sours and Seltzers as well as Sodas and Juice boxes for the kids, this is a great spot to come with friends, on a date, or the whole family.


Black Ankle Winery


Monday – Thursday 12PM-5PM

Friday 12PM-9PM

Saturday 11AM-9PM

Sunday 11AM-6PM


Instagram: @blackanklevineyards

Address: 14463 Black Ankle Road, Mt. Airy, MD 217713

Outside of Frederick you’ll find the beautiful Black Ankle Winery. Worth the short drive, this sustainable and ethical Vineyard offers handmade wine in a gorgeous setting. With regular food trucks and live music, you’ll be able to make a full trip to their tasting room. They pride themselves on growing all the grapes used to make their wine and offer both indoor and outdoor seating.


Frederick is an understandably up-and-coming area with incredible pride for their city and tons of opportunities to support small, family-owned businesses. We couldn’t be more excited to share our evidence-based education with the community and help share this vibrant place with others!


To register for our upcoming Spring Session of Birth Basics visit this page.

This blog was last updated March 2024

It isn’t difficult these days to find a prenatal massage near you. What proves hard to find is providers that truly cater to pregnant clientele with their services. If you were a regular spa-goer pre-pregnancy, it can be disappointing to lose a routine for relaxation you’ve become accustomed to.

Not to mention, pregnancy often brings a host of discomforts and changes along with it.

The Prenatal Massage benefits extend far beyond days of relaxation. Through the art and science of touch, pregnant individuals can experience pain reduction and relief, mental relaxation, and tap into their parasympathetic nervous system via increase in Oxytocin in the body. By activating our “rest and digest” hormones, we can experience lowered levels of stress overall, which impacts every system of our bodies.

We did the heavy lifting for you and found some of the best options for locally owned pregnancy spa treatments in and around Baltimore. These local options offer a variety of Prenatal Massage techniques. We’re sure you’ll find one that matches your needs perfectly.

For the Holistic-Minded: Anhata Massage

Logo of Anahata Massage Therapy located in Baltimore, Maryland

Sanskrit for “heart”, Anhata Massage is owned by Joshua Gosnell. Offering a holistic approach, this massage will focus on more than just physical wellness, venturing into spiritual wellness as well to treat you as a whole person.

Instagram: @anahatamassagetherapy



For a Full Spectrum: Sweet Willow Massage

Logo for Sweet Willow Massage + Wellness

Sweet Willow offers services not only during pregnancy but preconception as well. Owner Jessie Bernstein-Newton additionally offers Infant Massage Classes for when your little one arrives! These classes can be incredibly beneficial for connecting with your baby and helping to relieve discomfort from things like gas after feedings.

Instagram: @sweetwillowmassage

For an Integrative Massage with Options: Metta Integrative Wellness Co-Op

Employee owned wellness co-op, Metta, in Baltimore, Maryland

An employee-owned cooperative, Metta offers a host of Integrative Health services including Prenatal Massage. Co-owner Molly Farwell creates an experience that can be adapted to all stages of pregnancy and all levels of comfort.

Instagram: @mettawellness



For Massage and Bodywork: Charm City Integrative Health

Logo for Charm City Integrative Health, a wellness business in Baltimore, Maryland

Charm City Integrative Health has been consistently voted Best in Baltimore by! Offering Prenatal Massage and Bodywork, they focus primarily on comfort for the expectant parent.

Instagram: @ccintegrative



For Massage with Optional Add-on Personal Care Services: Indu Wellness

Logo for Indu Wellness, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Indu Wellness places emphasis on treating the whole person as a part of a comprehensive approach to wellness. While you’ll find Prenatal Massage there, you might also add on your routine personal care services such as Facials, Waxing, or Acupuncture.

Instagram: @indu_wellness


Massage can be a key part of nurturing your wellbeing. With the right provider, incorporating this science-based approach to care during pregnancy is an easy choice.

Looking for referrals to other professionals? Check out our Growing Family Professionals resource page for vetted local individuals and businesses.

Safety Note: Wherever you have your prenatal spa day, be sure to check in with your provider about any treatments you plan to receive, inform your spa technician that you are pregnant and need accommodations, and speak up if something doesn’t feel right. You are the expert on your body and baby!

This year was one of tremendous growth for Baltimore families and the DOB family alike!

Our Doulas of Baltimore Team

Our small but mighty team of 5 who weathered the first years of the covid pandemic together, expanded to a team of 10 in 2022. This year our team has grown again – we now have 17 incredible birth professionals

We work hard but like to have fun, too. Lots of fun team outings this year, including some lovely lunches, a happy hour at Union Craft Brewing, and an Orioles’ game!

Childbirth Education & Parenting Workshops

We have had the privilege of working with 41 different families in our childbirth and parenting education workshops this year! This included 13 group workshops in our gorgeous studio, as well as four virtual group sessions and two private in-home classes! 

While both Emily and Debbie have been thoroughly enjoying spending time in the studio, on Zoom, and in-home educating new parents, the demand (particularly for group classes) has exceeded our capacity. So two of our incredible doulas are joining our education team!

We are now able to expand our offerings and 2024 will be bringing new opportunities for Baltimore families. Among the things we are most looking forward to is our brand new infant care class – the Essential Newborn Series! Keep an eye on our social media for more updates on our class offerings coming in 2024. 

Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula Support

We were honored to support 91 growing Baltimore families over the course of 2023!

GBMC took the number one spot this year, up from tied for number 2 last year. While 20 families choose GBMC as their birth location this year with Mercy and Hopkins remaining in the top 3 (18 and 17 respectively). St. Joe’s, Howard County and UMMC remained popular birth locations with our clients as well. 

Our team worked nearly 4,000 hours of in-home postpartum doula and newborn care support!*

(*That’s over 165 days!)

Maryland Medicaid Doula Program

This year also marked a huge step forward in the accessibility of doula support for many Maryland families utilizing the Medicaid Doula Program. We were able to support several families under this new system. We are looking forward to serving more families while ensuring our doulas are adequately compensated for their time, expertise, and knowledge. 

New Office Space

Don’t worry, we are at the same great location! In addition to our lovely studio space, we now have a cozy office for client meetings, private classes, and team meetings.

In early December, we hosted a gathering of growing family professionals there and it was such a delight. Finding resources to share with our clients and connecting with like-minded professionals? Yes, please!

Giving Back

In addition to maintaining our longstanding commitments to Maryland Families for Safe Birth, Fluid Movement, MOMCares, and The Family Tree, this year we were fortunate to be able to donate over $5000 and to expand our contributions to include the following worthy causes:  

    • There Goes My Hero – an organization dedicated to supporting families impacted by blood cancers, founded by Erik Sauer, our incredible business coach and leukemia survivor;
    • The Bloom Collective – a perinatal wellness cooperative in Baltimore dedicated to advancing racial and reproductive justice, advocacy, and human rights;
    • Black Mamas Matter Alliance – a national network of women-led and Black-led birth and reproductive justice organizations and multi-disciplinary professionals, working across the full-spectrum of maternal and reproductive health;
    • Baltimore Family Alliance – an independent alliance of thousands of families, educators, and community activists & organizations committed to city life and improving the lives of all Baltimore residents.

We also had a hugely successful supply drive as part of our holiday open house for Growing Family Professionals.

We collected menstrual and dental hygiene supplies for our local food bank – GEDCO CARES. And many thanks to all the generous donors!

As we close the chapter on 2023, the DOB family is grateful for a year of growth, community impact, and unwavering commitment to supporting Baltimore families, and we eagerly anticipate the possibilities that lie ahead in the coming year.

Find out our busiest birth month, zip codes with the most DOB clients, and more of our 2023 stats on our Instagram page!

Welcome to our Year in Review2022 marked a return to more familiar circumstances for many families.

While we continue to practice infection reduction measures like masking, routine testing, increased air circulation, and the like, we at DOB are incredibly grateful to have been able to provide support to Baltimore families relatively uninterrupted during this last year. 

Throughout 2022, we supported 60 Baltimore families as they welcomed 60 babies (another year with no multiples!).

Childbirth Education & Parenting Workshops

DOB held 33 birth classes and parenting workshops. 15 in person group workshops at our beautiful studio space at the Cedarcroft Center, 16 virtual live interactive group workshops, and 2 private, in-home classes. 

In-home Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Support

The biggest shift from earlier pandemic-era years was in our ability to provide exceptional support to families in-home. Through 2022 our team of postpartum doulas and Newborn Care Specialists offered a whopping 2040 hours (and counting!) of in-home postpartum support. This means that our doulas spent the equivalent of 85 full days in client’s homes! 

Top Birth Locations for Doulas of Baltimore’s Clients

It was a busy year for our birth doulas, too! For the second year in a row, the main campus of Johns Hopkins maintained the top spot on the list of birth locations for DOB clients with 18 births. Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Mercy Medical Center tied for second place with 10 births each, and with 8 births, St. Joseph Medical Center was the third most popular. 

Our clients also chose to deliver at home as well as the following hospitals: Hopkins Bayview, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Carroll Hospital, Franklin Square Hospital, Harbor Hospital, Howard County General Hospital, Sinai, St. Agnes, University of MD, and Walter Reed.

Supporting Baltimore, Families, & a Better Future for All

Together with our doulas, DOB has supported (through time, donations, and/or amplification) the following local organizations: The Family Tree, MOMCares, Fluid Movement, and Maryland Families for Safe Birth. Additionally, we donate a percentage of every sale to carbon removal efforts.

We remain steadfastly committed to Baltimore and to helping growing families thrive – by supporting parents, building community, and protecting the future for our clients and all the children of Baltimore.

Being pregnant and preparing for birth can feel overwhelming enough without considering what happens when you bring baby home. But postpartum planning before baby arrives can save you a lot of stress when you will want to be resting and recovering from delivery. And, you might have postpartum brain fog that makes thinking about your options (not to mention making decisions) hard. At Doulas of Baltimore, we think of the first three months at home as the fourth trimester. The postpartum period comes with its own challenges and joys. Here are some basic questions to consider before you go into labor that will make your postpartum life easier. 

What will your home look like?

Because nesting is very real, you may have already set up a nursery or room for your baby. But realistically, this isn’t where baby will be spending most of their time. For the first six months, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends baby sleep in your room. But where does baby sleep during daytime naps? Do you want to have a dedicated changing table, setups in different parts of the house, or a moveable station? Where will be the best place to feed baby during the day and at night? Consider the layout of your living space and the setup of cribs, feeding or pumping stations, and changing tables. 

What does everyday at home look like? 

A baby changes things: we know this. And postpartum planning involves thinking about the details of how things have changed. Who will feed baby when they wake up at night? Who will change baby? Who will cook meals? Who will walk the dog? Who will take big sister to school? Who will go to baby’s appointments? Who will clean and tidy the house? 

Who can you go to for extra support? 

While everyone might want to meet your new baby, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can provide the support you need. Consider which friends and family can provide practical support, like buying groceries, cooking meals, walking the dog, or taking care of siblings if you are at the hospital longer than expected. 

Who are the care providers you need?  

With care providers, there are the basic people you need to have planned out, and others that you may want to think about having lined up. While you’ve been dealing with an OB, midwife, and/or doula before birth, afterward you’ll need a pediatrician. You may also want a postpartum doula or lactation consultant. If you are concerned about postpartum depression or emotions after birth, you may want to find a mental health provider before delivery since they can have Before you leave the hospital, you’ll need a carseat installed, and we recommend having it checked by a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) or “car seat tech”.

What does post-parental leave look like? 

There is unfortunately no standard for parental leave, so consider when parents will be going back to work and what happens then. Do you have a nanny, babysitter, friend, or grandparent who can care for baby? Will you need a daycare? 


This is just a short overview of questions that we see new parents considering as they bring their babies home. Over the next months, we will be going more in depth on these questions and providing guidance and advice for the postpartum period.