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Top 10: Summer Fun for Baltimore Families (updated for 2023)

Looking for summer fun for Baltimore families?! We are so excited that summer is upon us! Baltimore is a hot spot for summer fun to do with your children. See what we did there? ;-) Doulas of Baltimore is here to share with you 5 great outdoor activities to do with the whole family. And we’ve […]

Doula Support & Childbirth Education Are Like Cookies & Milk

Some things in life are made better when they’re together. Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Doula support and childbirth education. All solid choices independently but the combination of the two is unmatched. Maybe you haven’t heard of that last one, but I promise you, it’s just as cohesive of a […]

3 Ways Independent Birth Classes Stand Out

There are pros and cons for all the birth classes on the market, and depending on what you are looking for from a class (your personal goals for your birth, your schedule, and the like) many of the mainstream birth classes can be unappealing. You may feel like taking a childbirth series is one more […]


2022 Year in Review

Welcome to our Year in Review! 2022 marked a return to more familiar circumstances for many families. While we continue to practice infection reduction measures like masking, routine testing, increased air circulation, and the like, we at DOB are incredibly grateful to have been able to provide support to Baltimore families relatively uninterrupted during this last […]


Baby’s First Sniffles? How to know when it’s RSV

As if we haven’t spent enough time talking about viruses over the last couple of years, this winter flu/cough/cold season has gotten off to an early and rocky start. Parents of young children (especially those under two) have likely seen much about the high levels of viral activity in the area.  We’re going to focus […]