Decorating newborn nursery in Baltimore

Exceptional Care for Guilford Families

Welcome to Doulas of Baltimore! Our founder, Emily Pelton, has been the go-to resource for over a thousand new and growing families in the Baltimore area since 2002. Emily saw a need and filled it by opening an agency in 2014. She continues her role as head of and mentor to our team of doulas. Camille Nyman and Deborah Bailey are co-owners and they keep the agency running smoothly for our clients, both on the client and operational sides.

Our clients enjoy the professionalism and discretion of our wonderful team of doulas. Whether you are looking for an individualized prep class in the comfort of your home or pregnancy and birth support, you will feel prepared and well cared for. After baby arrives, our newborn care/postpartum services let you recover and adjust with anything from occasional daytime or evening shifts to seven overnights a week. We can even arrange for live-in, round the clock support!

We are glad you are here and look forward to supporting your family!

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