Kon Mari With Your Postpartum Doula

organized closet postpartum doula

Have you done it?  Have you watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix?

I watched it.  It was a glorious binge over two days.  In my personal life, it resulted in finally enjoying my closet and a birthday gift that made me feel seen and heard for the first time in a very long time.  I’d say that’s pretty good for a tv show.

But what I loved about the show was seeing Marie Kondo talk and move through the worlds of the couples.

I’m convinced she is a doula.  Her work showed me another very meaningful and practical way to show support out in the world.

If you’ve watched the shows, there are a few moments where she could easily make a face, joke through an uncomfortable comment, or tell someone what to do.  And that says nothing about how she navigates the relationships between the people she is helping.

Marie Kondo shows herself to be a spunky helper with a cloud of serenity.  She comes armed with some simple guidelines, a few armfuls of cute boxes, and spot-on professionalism.  Simply, she is an adorable force that packs a punch.  She gives general directions, lets people know it will get easier and gives encouragement during and after.  And folks, that is a doula.

Support without judgment, a plan, some options, and encouragement to help people build their own confidences.

Obviously helping a family move through the first weeks with a baby and intentionally sorting things that bring joy is not the same.  But, maybe they are closer than we think.

Sometimes as doulas we are more hands-on.  We’re in the hypothetical piles of clothes helping to pull things out, make peace with the options and make a manageable goal to tackle first.  Maybe it’s helping you notice just how wonderful it is to take time to look into your newborn’s face and let go of the pressure to keep up social expectations.  Or maybe it’s affirming that parenthood is NOT all that people make it out to be, and it’s ok to get to be mad about losing your past life.  

I don’t think I’m overstepping to say Marie Kondo wants people to be intentional with life.  Doulas, too, hope that parents take time to sort the advice and choose what is best for their families.

But overall, when new parents are feeling bombarded with responsibilities, stuff, or advice, your postpartum doula will help you wade through to make everything feel a little easier.

With encouragement and support every step of the way, you get your own personal cloud of serenity.    And we are hoping quite a bit of joy is sparked as you become more and more comfortable caring for your child and learning the new you.

It has not happened yet, but just to be clear, if you want to Kon Mari your house when your postpartum doula is there with you-you better believe we’ll help.  We’ll hold the baby, and you can get heart-deep into your belongings to feel rooted again as you step into parenthood.