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Mother’s Day is almost here and every year we get to decide what to get the mothers in our lives. Something that complicates the decision? New moms might not know what they need! Flowers, candy, and cards are all lovely but sometimes you want to be the rockstar gift giver. If you have an expectant mother you love, we’ve compiled a list of perfect gift ideas in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide that they really want.

First Time Moms want:


A baby in a Mockingbird Stroller with Bassinet sleeps next to a table holding two drinks and a laptop. Mother's Day Gift Guide

  1. Mockingbird stroller with bassinet – This ingenious combo is a stroller that doubles as a safe sleep surface on the main level. Perfect for smaller living spaces, using this as a bassinet while in your living room allows you to go from working from home to out the door without delay.

A baby lies on a Hatch changing pad and scale while a caregiver smiles down at them. Mother's Day Gift Guide

  1. Hatch Grow Smart changing pad and scale– Another brilliant two-in-one, this changing pad offers a safe, elevated space to change a baby’s diaper and a scale all in one. Offering new moms peace of mind, tracking baby’s weight can ensure that they’re getting enough to eat and growing right on schedule.

Overnight doula care for a newborn baby who smiles on a mat. Mother's Day Gift Guide

  1. Overnight newborn care – the Ideal gift for any new parent, help support them during this season of tired! Giving new moms the gift of sleep is invaluable for more than just making them comfortable. Quality sleep is linked to mental and physical health and the value of it cannot be overstated.


Experienced Moms want: 


Nanit pro camera multi-pack

  1. Nanit Pro multi pack– Keep eyes on ALL the babies with this beloved monitor in a multi-pack.  Connect it to your phone and watch your new baby and their new sibling as they sleep peacefully. Monitor temperature, humidity, receive cry alerts, and enjoy a bird’s eye view in crisp 1080p. Nanit is a wildly popular monitor for a reason!

Chicco Fit 360 revolving carseat in the back seat of a car, caregiver is helping strap baby in properly

  1. Chicco Fit 360 revolving car seat– Keep your little ones rear facing longer and cut down on the struggle of getting into the car with more than one! The innovative Chicco Fit 360 rotates to allow babies to be buckled into their seat. Simply rotate back and lock into place and you’re all ready to roll.

Happy family with baby smiles

  1. Daytime doula support– Gift an extra set of hands who knows exactly what needs to be done. When parents have daytime support, they can focus on resting, healing, and nourishing themselves while easing into their new normal. 


Loving the beautiful moms in our lives doesn’t have to be challenging! Getting gifts for new moms is a beautiful thing. You’re sure to “win” Mother’s Day with any of these ideas.