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Weaning Safely, for Body & Mind

Weaning is deeply personal.  Regardless if you have used milk made by your body to feed your child or not, choosing to help your body slow, then stop, the production of breastmilk can be fraught with emotion. You are going to feel those emotions. You.  Not anyone else, so you get to choose what is […]

Ethical Screen Time: Parenting with Technology

The term ethical screentime sounds like an oxymoron.  No way they both exist at the same time.  But what if it can? Screens are a part of our life.  As adults, more and more of the functions we used as individual and private services are being moved onto a smart device for easier, faster, and […]

Having A Baby In Your 30’s: Where Did Your Friends Go?

This is to the people having babies in their 30’s. It is a bit of a whirlwind. Maybe you are at this juncture because of professional choices. Perhaps now is the start of parenting because of earlier heartache. Or maybe you have been terrified of how to afford a kid, and now you finally can. […]

Flying During Pregnancy: Air Travel Through the Trimesters

Be it for work trips or baby moons, flying during pregnancy presents a whole new world of details to consider. Walking through security and radiation exposure, the risk for increased swelling, and remaining well hydrated, are all concerns for pregnant people who use air travel at any stage of pregnancy. Here are some specific tips […]

Childbirth Classes Your Partner Will Love

We’re talking to you, the one who is pregnant. You are having a ton of new sensations. Your mind doesn’t let you forget that you are pregnant for even a little bit, because, wow, you’re growing a human! Eating seems to have a whole new set of rules. Sleeping is turning into a disaster, and […]