Baltimore Baby Grows Scales!

Baby relaxing in bath

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about the scales you would see on a snake or lizard, we are talking about cradle cap on a baby. The good news is that cradle cap is not painful to the baby at all, and it certainly doesn’t mean the baby is dirty.

Most new parents think they can just wash the baby’s hair and the dry flaky skin will go away.  But when it comes to cradle cap, it’s not that easy.

The good news is that your doula from Doulas of Baltimore can teach you how to care for this common scenario.  Your doula will put you at ease by giving you ways to clear up this often stubborn situation.

So you’re probably wondering, does my baby have cradle cap?  One sign to look for is red, peeling skin on your baby’s head, or what looks like a serious case of dandruff on your baby’s scalp.

Its likely that your doula will notice if your baby has cradle cap while bathing or simply changing your baby.  You may also notice an odor coming from their head.

So, if you’ve determined your baby has cradle cap there are a few things you will need to have handy to help start clearing it up.

You will need:

  • A soft brush or baby comb
  • Olive or vitamin E oil
  • Baby shampoo

Working side by side with the guidance of your postpartum doula they will walk you though this process step by step:

  • First, wet the baby’s hair.
  • Apply the oil to the effected area while gently rubbing it into their scalp.
  • Bathe the baby as usual, allowing the oil to soak into baby’s scalp.
  • Gently comb or brush the baby’s hair to remove the flakes.
    • There’s no time limit on how long to comb. Be mindful of your baby’s comfort and stop if they become overly fussy.
  • Use a small amount of shampoo; then rinse their hair while continuing to gently brush the flaky skin away. Repeat shampoo (to wash away the applied oil).
  • It is normal for the scalp may appear red and sore
  • Do not apply any cream or conditioner. That will only increase the chance of the cradle cap coming back.

Now you have a fresh, clean baby minus some of the “scales”.  You may need to repeat the process over the next few weeks at bath time.

There are many unknowns when it comes to the care and keeping of children, but Doulas of Baltimore is available to make those unknowns a little less scary.