Local Doula Gets Snowed In

doula gets snowed in

As winter approaches the team at Doulas of Baltimore prepares. Snow tires? Check! Snow boots? Check! Ice scraper? Check!

Yep, it’s all systems go because when their clients call and say, “I just had the baby!” Or, “I think I’m in labor,” they hit the road! 

Cautiously and carefully they get to every client. Owner, Emily Pelton, says, “Sometimes I feel like we are the post office. Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn’t really matter because our clients are counting on us and we won’t disappoint. And if snow is forecast, they come prepared to stay over!”

Labor, birth and the early postpartum period are not necessarily separate events in a woman’s life, they all seem to blend together and if you’re pregnant in Baltimore, you’re in luck! You can hire the support of industry experts, Doulas of Baltimore.

Winter can be an extra difficult time for a family to come home with a newborn because of the cold weather. It’s not like other times of the year where you can get out of the house, go for a walk, stroll through the park, or even run a few quick errands with a newborn in tow.

Pelton tells us, “The best thing that can happen to our clients is their doula can get snowed in with them! Nothing beats round the clock postpartum and infant care support from a qualified expert! Nothing brings more peace and tranquility for out of town grandparents than knowing their children and grandchildren have the support they need when travel just isn’t possible for them.

To send the gift of exceptional care this holiday season, contact us. We have gift certificates in any amount to cover postpartum doula care or any of our services!